Sunday, December 16, 2012

December is Flying By!

It seems I have more people following my almost no-existent blog. I need to do more on it so I can get more followers.

For Christmas, I decided I needed something bright on my front door (it's black - and I hope the LAST Christmas on the house). So I tried to make a mesh wreath. Have you tried this yet? They are fairly easy to make. I put 3 glittery ornaments on it and some glittery ribbon. Guess what - I'm still vacuuming glitter off the living room floor. Let me know if you like it. I think it looks great for my first one. A little hint - I would use 2 rolls the next time. I think it would be perfect fuller!

Then I started making some very cute flameless tealight angels. I bought the design from They have many different designs for these. If I had time, I would do the pins with the snowmen and reindeer. They are too cute.


What do you have in-store for the next week before Christmas?