Monday, May 26, 2008

Starting a New Blog

I decided to start a new blog with an address that's easier to remember. I'm hoping this will make it easy for my friends and family to keep up with what's going on in our lives. Plus I can share my crafting creations with everyone through this, too.

We've had a great, but uneventful Memorial Day. Bob and I worked on the yard and pool while the kids played. Audrey had a lot of studying to do, also. She has 3 finals tomorrow: Latin, Language Arts and PE. Wednesday she has Social Studies and Science and Thursday, she'll have Math. It's hard to believe she's almost done with 6th grade! She has loved being in the TWO Academy (single gender program) and has matured A LOT!

Evan has had a rough year. He's loved his teacher, but didn't have a child he 'clicked' with in his class. He hasn't wanted to work nor has he wanted to go to school. He loved taking golf lessons in the after-school program! And, of course, he loves playing baseball.

I need to get working on a couple of stamping swaps I'm in. As soon as I get them done, I'll put them on my post!

Have a great week!