Thursday, February 3, 2011

Joy of Love - Day 3: How He Changed

Evan's day! I was thinking about this picture today. Evan was born 3 weeks early and his birth mother smoked. The combination produced a small baby. He was right at 5 1/2 pounds. His legs were so small. I thought he would break! It didn't take long for him to grown - by leaps and bounds. My friend, Anita Dye, offered to make his baptismal outfit. He was baptized at 4 months old. She had to add a piece to the outfit so it would fit!

So, as you can see - Evan has changed a lot in 12 years!

Joy of Love - Day 2: What They Look Like

After Day 1, Audrey and Evan both said 'Are you going to take our picture EVERY day?' So today, I got one shot and one shot only. Audrey is 14 and a freshman at Spring Valley High School. Evan is a 6th grader at Summit Middle School.

Joy of Love Day 1 - What They Do

I joined this photography log to get back into using manual settings on my camera. So you will see some good pictures, not so good pictures, etc. Day 1 is 'What They Do'. I took pictures of my daughter, Audrey, doing homework. I think my favorite picture is of her hands.